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Emerald Tea


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Quality & Mission

Green tea, for thousands of years, has long been associated with good health. As one of nature’s most sought after luxuries, Emerald Tea is 100% natural with no added preservatives or chemicals.


From the time we harvest the tea in the fields of Thái Nguyên, through the drying and packaging process, to the time it is delivered to you, it is pure and uncompromised.


Even the packaging is hand made using custom designed 100% Vietnamese Silk by a small group of traditional tailors in Van Phuc village in Hà Đông. We have taken the utmost of care to ensure the purity of the product and the hand made elegance that makes it truly special.

Not only are you purchasing the world's finest Thái Nguyên green tea, but you are supporting the health and education of children in disadvantaged communities across Vietnam.  Emerald Tea is a Vietnam Relief Services brand and all profits support VRS programs including clean water initiatives, libraries, playgrounds, and bednets. 


The Legend

Once upon a time, there was an unlikely couple. A boy named Cốc and a girl named Công, loved each other despite their parents’ disapproval. Their love was very faithful, but unfortunately, the boy was a slave of the girl’s family, so the parents prevented them from marrying.

Over time, their love was tested, but their faithfulness never faltered. Angered by this unrelenting love, the girl’s father burned the boy’s small hut to expel Cốc, and chased him very far away to the mountains.

Surprisingly, even the father’s aggression couldn’t break their lasting bond. The boy sat on a mountain and played his flute everyday to ask the girl to come join him in the mountains, but she couldn’t because her father prevented her.

Many many days passed, and the boy slowly died, and turned into a mountain. The girl cried from day to day, and she died too, and her tears turned into a river. Slowly, the Công river found the Cốc mountain, and flowed around it, forever.

Legend has it that the tears of Công provide nourishment to the roots of the green tea in this region, and creates a wonderful and unforgettable flavor that makes Thái Nguyên tea some of the most sought after tea in the world.

This legend has been passed down from generation to generation in Vietnam to explain why Thai Nguyen produces the highest quality green tea in all of Vietnam, and is world renowned for its unique flavor and color.

Emerald Tea is 100% Thái Nguyên grown tea, and includes no additives, preservatives, or chemical processes. We hope that you too will enjoy the quality of Emerald Tea, and will share this legend with your friends.


Our Promise

We promise to provide the freshest and highest quality Thai Nguyen green tea without added preservatives or chemical processing for your enjoyment.

Through the sale of Emerald Tea, we promise to spend all profits on Vietnam Relief Service’s charitable programs. We promise to never use child labor for any of our products, and promise to deliver high quality hand-made products that are manufactured with pride and care.

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